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At MYK Laticrete, we believe in training programs that give a complete knowledge of all our products. These programs cover all technical & commercial aspects of the products and applications. Including marketing for all the dealers, contractors, specifiers, end users, internal staff through our PTS (Passport to Success) and PTK (Profit thru knowledge) programs, along with "Hands On" training of the products.

We also conduct in house training program for Architects/Interior Designers/Contactors in their premises to impart training on latest tends in tile and stone installations. We would require a lead time of 30 days to conduct the desired program.

Seminars, Mason meets and Training Sessions

Passport to Success

Learning becomes the Passport To Succes The success of any organisation depends upon its employees business aptitude, sound technical knowledge and advance selling skills. Laticrete conducts regular training to impart such skills through a programme called "PASSPORT TO SUCCESS"

The Passport To Success programme has been Laticrete employees, distributors and dealers. conducted by Laticrete India Pvt. Ltd. in Indian sub-continent is in line with Laticrete global standards.

The Passport To Success programme is of 3 days duration and is conducted in Hyderabad. All accommodation facilities are provided by Laticrete India Pvt.Ltd. for outstation participants.

A comprehensive training is given on complete Laticrete product range i.e adhesives, grouts, sealers, sealants and waterproofing through application videos, power-point presentations, practical demonstrations etc. Participants are educated about Laticrete technical expertise, product applications, advantages over competitive products, current trends in tile/ stone industry, project references in India and across the world.

A very notable feature of this programme is the "HANDS ON" training imparted to all the participants where they are trained to work with all the Laticrete products. Finally, all the participants are made to undergo a test to qualify for the Laticrete Passport To Success programme certificate. Laticrete India Pvt. Ltd. has so far conducted 15 Passport To Success programmes over a period of 2 years and trained over 300 Laticrete employees, distributors and dealers. Laticrete also conducts programmes for architects, engineers, institutions, masons etc.



Profit thru Knowledge

so true to its name, ptk is an in-house employee development programme. a x-day programme in Hyderabad, ptk is held once a year and is the ideal platform for a productive interaction between the field staff and management to share their experiences.

all the participants make presentations on their core area of operation and highlight the problems they face day-to-day. They are also encouraged to come up with suggestions and bounce ideas for betterment of the entire process, strengthen operations and of course improve service levels.

This is also perfect orientation programme as everyone learns from the other by sharing their respective experiences and work together towards solving their problems. their knowledge levels are also upgraded through proper technical and marketing inputs for better management.

This programme also facilitates a very informal social interaction between the participants where everyone would come together as a big laticrete family. It is also a perfect time for them to recharge themselves and get back to their work with renewed vigour.

To sum up, profit thru knowledge, is a profitable equation for all the employees of laticrete and plays its role to the hilt in bringing the best out of everybody



Architect Meet

It is platform for interaction & exchange of technology with architects.

Architects innovate designs and laticrete supports the architects with suitable floor/wall installation solutions for their innovative designs.

During the meet laticrete highlights to the architect fraternity the emerging trends in tile & stone installation systems and the need for adopting new technology.

Finally the architect are invited to share their ideas,suggestions & problems for us to work out suitable solutions and bring out still better technology

The architects are assured of the laticrete quality andproven history of successful installations in india and 120 countries across the globe.



Mason Meet

Any product is as good as it is applied this applies to laticrete products also.

Mason meet is a platform to spend time with tile/stone fixing applications (masons) and train them with proper, correct & latest methods of tile/stone installation.

Masons are shown videos of proper application method for fixing tiles using thin set adhesive & grouting tile joints using stainfree epxy grout/cement based grout.

Hands on demonstration of tile adhesive & grout are also done using proper tools and the masons are encouraged to do the same at the work stations provided.

Keeping the session interactive masons are encouraged to come out with site requirements & problems if any.



Industry Training

Industry meets are conducted at their respective premises of the respective industries/institutions.

The meets are designed to introduce the emerging trends in tile/stone installation system to the core management /design group.

The meet highlights the advancement in product technology and the application areas where such technology could be implemented in their respective industries.

These meets help the industry in adopting better technology and upgrade construction processes.

laticrete contributes in small way in the upliftment of construction standards by not only providing quality technology but also by providing standards to judge quality